Meno Camp

Meno Camp is a six-month, full support program to help you on your menopause journey. Whether you are peri, mid or post menopause we can support you.


Brain fog, hot flashes, lack of sleep, anger, anxiety, itching, weight gain and much much more…. it’s time to meet your Meno-Sisters!


We will meet one Sunday a month for a fabulous workshop with a Barre class specifically tailored for menopausal women, yoga, meditation, support, education and guest speakers. 

We have some wonderful speakers lined up, including local GP Dr Emily, The British Red Cross and other women’s health professionals.


You will also have access to an online support forum where you can chat to your ‘Meno-Sisters’ anytime and access home workouts.

Through this forum, you also have direct contact with Laura, who is a certified Meno-Strength instructor, for support.


On top of all that, you will have a weekly Barre class, to take time out, and work on your wonderful, changing body and mind.


We only accept 12 women on each course to ensure you receive all the support and love on this crazy menopausal journey. 


The Meno Camp will start on Sunday 8th January and your guest speaker is Dr Emily, to talk all thing’s HRT.