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Barre Fit


Barre Fit is a workout technique inspired by elements of ballet, fitness and Pilates that focuses on low impact, high intensity movements. The classes fuse the elements together, incorporate a ballet barre and are designed to strengthen and tone your body in ways that few other workouts can. Barre will help you build and define your muscles, improve your core strength and give your body a toned, lean look. No previous dance experience required to join any of our Barre workouts and all classes are tailored for any age or ability. Included in all Barre classes are the use of light hand weights suitable for high repetitions, pilates balls and mats, all provided by Studio B. Get prepared to become addicted to the BARRE.

Our Signature Classes


The elements of this class are inspired by classical ballet, body conditioning and Pilates. The elements are fused together to make a flowing, centred and physical class. Barre classic will improve core strength and posture whilst strengthening and toning the whole body. Let’s ‘Raise The Barre’.

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Aerobic blasts are interspersed with full body sculpting exercises to strengthen and tone your muscles. You will walk away from the class feeling strong, centred and lean. Let’s ‘Embrace the Shake’ in this sculpting class.

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Bumps and Babes

Specialist pre and post-natal barre class suitable throughout your pregnancy. In association with Sling Strong, therefore after your postnatal check you can join the class with your new baby in a sling.

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Are you new to Barre or looking for a more gentle class? Why not join our foundation class- Barre Base. We will cover all the elements of a full Barre class to give you the fundamental moves and style to gain flexibilty, tone muscles and improve all round mobility.

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Pure Ballet

A full adult ballet class incorporating barre and centre work. Ballet is renowned for improving posture, balance, muscle tone, strength and physique.

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